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I am an architect and a urban designer.  I live and work in Germany as Scientific Assistant  within the Department of Architecture at the HS Koblenz University of Applied Science for the Chairs of Sustainable Architecture and Architectural Design. Within the Department I am conducting a research project on Building integreted agriculture and facade farming. 


I studied at the University of RomaTre (Rome), where I achieved my Master's Degree in Architectural Design (M.Sc.) with top grades and honour with a Master Thesis focused on the relationship between the city and infrastructures in the growing process of  urban settlements.

In Itay I worked as a consultant designer for several architectural firms and I was a Teaching Assistan for the Chair of Architectural Design within the Architectural Department of the University of Roma Tre. 

I've been dealing with different design fields, from urban planning to interior design, managing projects of different scales. I've enriched my academic knowledge through international workshops and competitions, related to urban planning, sustainability in architecture and traditional building technologies.


I do believe that every project starts from the consideration of the context and the analysis of the relationship among the present elements. The context, meant as the surrounding in relation with its social, cultural, historical features and types, from the urban scale to the building detail, is the point of departure of my design process. I think that the role of the architect is to interpret the complexity of the context to find proportioned and respectful solutions in terms of structure, function and form.



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